Kungchido and Nepal

Kungchido is the missing link between the birthplace of Buddha (Lumbini, Nepal) and the Shaolin temple of China. Kungchido is a  doctrine, which  proves that martial arts was originated in Nepal.  See the chronology below. There is no doubt that Buddha was the founder of martial arts, there is evidences that Buddha had practiced martial arts in the Lumbini and Kapilbastu Nepal. Buddha's philosophy and martial arts continue till today, but there is almost missing information regarding martial arts in between 486 BC and 4th Century AD. In 4th century Bodhisattvas "Bodhidharma" follower of Buddha went to China and introduced kung-fu.Then it spread rest of the world in different forms.

So Nepal can be  considered  as the main source of martial arts and center of spiritual world. Kungchido is the doctrine, which will develope the whole new concept as defined above.

Today, We have put a lot of effort to create a complete system, which will include breathing exercises and self-defense techniques, weapons as well as offensive techniques, combination of techniques and movements keeping traditional value as well as most practical element, which can easily be implemented. Our work is dedicated to the origin of martial arts and the world.

Today we have following techniques and katas: All these elements have been created here in the U.S. mainly California and Washington state.

Bodhi-Lu 1 & 2 - Breathing Exercise dedicated to Bodhisattvas "Bodhidharma" and Lumbini, Nepal

Kungchido 1,2,3 are Katas (Combination of techniques and movements) of Kungchido combining Dragon Kungfu, Taichi  and Karate-do and adding unique elements

Bodhi-Si: Kata dedicated to Siddhartha Gautaum (Buddha )

Shao-Lu 1,2,3,4,5: Katas dedicated to Lumbini, Nepal and Shaolin temple of China

Much works are ahead, we have written more than 100's of pages, which will include defense against knife, line of action theory and many others......

Our goal is to work continuously and complete the missing link between  Lumbini Nepal, Shaolin and China and rest of the world.

Kungchido has achieved several outstanding awards for the doctrine, several vcd/dvd, vhs. cd-rom have been shipped internationally.

We are grateful to get support from martial artists, friends, loved ones regarding our work. We get a lot of courage and support from the people around us.  We are also grateful to have been interviewed by  Nepalese TV on the 6th March 2002 and perform a real demo in one of the popular dojo (Banuj fitness center ) in Nepal.]

A lot of hard work is ahead, but we are looking forward to it and will be looking for your support and your help. Portion of all the money made by selling VCD/DVD/VHS/CD-Rom of Kungchido items will be dedicated  to the disable kids.

If you will have any question, for partnership and support you can contact us at this email: kungchido@yahoo.com





NEPAL - Buddha's Birthplace, Source of Buddha's teaching - 566 - 486 BC.
Nepal, India - Buddha's teaching, 531 - 486 BC.

CHINA- Buddha's followers of Mahayana teaching Bodhisattvas (Monks) - Entered in China in between 4th - 6th Centuries AD, Foundation of Martial Arts. Then it spread into Korea and Japan.

Buddha's teaching was transmitted to Tibet from Nepal in between 7th - 9th Centuries

KOREA - 4th century AD
JAPAN - 6th Century AD
TIBET - 7th - 9th Centuries AD

In 20th century, Modern Martial Arts returned to Nepal via Japan, China. And from Japan, Korea and China it spread in Europe, America and other parts of the world.