Bodhi – Lu

Bhodi-Lu at the Grand Canyon

Boddhi – Lu is breathing exercise developed as a part of Kungchido (Martial Art). It connects the birthplace of the Buddha Lumbini , Nepal and Shaolin Temple of China, where Bodhisattvas (Bodhisattvas were the followers of Buddha) had introduced Kungfu to Monks. Bodhi - Lu will established the missing link between Lumbini, Nepal and the Shaolin temple of China, where Bodhisattavas introduced Kung Fu in 4th Century. Bodhi - Lu is the combination of the two words, where Bodhi stands for Bodhisattvas and Lu stands for Lumbini Nepal.

There is an evidence that Martial Art originated from Nepal. See chronology by Dr. Saroj Joshi called "Return of Martial Arts" in website



"Perfection in Martial Art as well any other arts are impossible without spiritual development."

There are several ways for developing spiritual aspect of Life. All achievements are made with full concentration. Yoga and Tai – Chi are quite popular exercise of breathing as well as means of meditations.

Tai Chi some times is called the moving meditation.


In Karate Sanchin is very popular exercise for breathing.

Many people used to practice these exercise these days. Many people found these above-mentioned exercises reduce stresses, build confidence and keep you fit. It will create harmony in your life.

After studying all above-mentioned popular exercises of meditation and breathing exercises such as Yoga, Tai Chi ,Sanchin. Bodhi – Lu is a new breathing exercise. Chinese have been practicing Tai Chi even during their lunch breaks at many work places and hospitals. Even hospitals of United States have accepted Tai Chi courses. Valley Medical Hospital of Renton, WA of United States is one of the examples, where they are practicing Tai Chi today!

Yoga is also practiced in many parts of the world.

To make it easier , effective and give people easy access to learn new breathing techniques, Bodhi – Lu has been introduced.

It is not that hard, people do not need to worry about the 100's of movements and techniques of Tai Chi or Yoga, People do not sit and meditate hours and hours. People do not need to use force and practice any hard-ways of breathing.

Bodhi - Lu will just take 1 – 2 minutes a day or more as you desired with the same concept that one can find in all the above mentioned systems. It is no longer a secret. It is just a scientific way of practicing and understanding the Philosophy breathing techniques and exercises.


Bodhi – Lu pays respect to the Buddha, Boddhisattvas and the holy place of Lumbini, Nepal as a main source of creation of essence of Martial Arts.

Bodhi – Lu will explain to you the natural breathing techniques and philosophy behind it.

Bodhi – Lu provides simple, effective, attractive moves of the hand, leg and unique move of the body being in the stationary position with full concentration.

Bodhi – Lu teaches you a systematic way of breathing (Inhale and exhale) with proper movement of techniques and total concentration.

Bodhi – Lu helps synchronize mind and body.

"Bodhi – Lu"

(Breathing Exercise)

  1. Put your feet together and slightly bend your knees. Place hands together with Palms together and bow-down and pay respect to Bodhi – LU.
  2. Inhale then put your hands (Palms together) extend and exhale. Synchronize both your hands and breathing exhaling all the way.
  3. Then bring back your hands while inhaling to chest level and rotate your hands 360-degrees. Now your backsides of hands are together and start exhale and extend all the way as you did in position 2.
  4. Bring your hands back with the same principle (inhale and this time your palm facing to the opponent, who is just standing in front of you).
  5. Once you will get your hands back all the way to the chest palms facing the opponent Exhale gently and push all the way.
  6. At the end turn your hands (wrist) 360-degreess. This times your palm facing the ceiling or sky (upwards). Then bring your hands back at the level of waist and make a fist at the end. In hale while doing this.
  7. Then slowly extend all the way and exhale at the same time both your fists at the angle of 45 degrees with full concentration. Then turn fists (wrist at 360-Degrees) and bring back to waist level. In hale, while doing this.
  8. Open your fists and raise your left hand palm facing your own face, wrists parallel to your own body and gently in hale while doing that. Lift up to eye level, where as your other hand will be at the waist level palm facing downward. Now gently rotate your body using spinal chord as a pivot and turn anti-clockwise as much as you can rotate your neck, rotate on the same way as your spinal. This time your left hand will automatically swing gently as well as your right hand as your spinal chord rotates in axis. In hale all the way while doing that.
  9. Once you will finish doing that as stated in position 8. inhale being at the position, then switch the hand gently drop the left hand (exhale) and lift the right hand gently and lift up to eye level (inhale). Now rotate gently both your Spinal and neck to the clockwise direction as if you are looking mirror (palm of right hand). Inhale while doing that and continue till your spinal and neck can rotate as much as you think you can. Do not go beyond and hurt yourself while rotating your Spinal and Neck.
  10. Then drop the right hand and lift the left hand as described in position 8 and repeat. Stop at the half way as soon as your body will come back to the normal position. At this point turn both wrist and hand 360-degrees palm facing upward and bring back to the waist level. In hale gently while doing this.
  11. Lift your right hand gently put on the top of head around 6 inches above the head, while your left hand will remain in the level of stomach palm facing upwards to your chin. In hale while doing this.
  12. Now quickly both hands bring to your waist level with open palms. In hale while doing that.
  13. Hold the breathing for few seconds and focused lift gently your left at chest level and palm facing opponent’s chest and your back side of hand facing your chest and fingers are parallel to your own body. Other hand gently put at the level of lower abdomen level palm facing the lower abdomen of an opponent palm facing opponent finger pointing toward down parallel to your own body. This all will happen within couple seconds while holding your breath.
  14. Now being at the position 12 as defined above you are ready to push opponent and exhale at the same time. Extend hands as far as you can.
  15. Turn your wrist and hands again at 360 degrees and bring your open palm up to waist level again. In hale while doing this.
  16. Repeat position 11 using right hand and then repeat position 12 and 13 just switching different hands. Then action same as that of 14 just hands positions are switched.
  17. Turn your wrist and hands again at 360 degrees and bring your open palm up to waist level again. In hale while doing this.
  18. Being in that fist and make a fist gently raise the right fist and put on the top of the left fist and crossing each other by 90 degree, then gently raise the right leg. In hale while doing this and then hold breath for few seconds' concentrate and do the sidekick and strike down by right hand. Right hand will pass the right thigh. Exhale while doing this.
  19. Bring your right leg back to the normal position and hands back to normal position. In hale while doing this.
  20. Now bring your left fist and put on the top of the right fist on right side of waist and be ready to make a left sidekick. Repeat exactly like in position 18, but this time left sidekick and left hand down strike. Breathing is same as in position 18.
  21. Back to the normal position. Now ready for the front kick and right punch at the stomach level. This shall be done simultaneously. Exhale while doing that. Then bring back right leg and right fist back to the normal position. You have to inhale while doing this.
  22. Repeat the same as position 20 switching leg. In this position use left leg and left punch. Breathing technique is same as in position 20.
  23. Back to normal position. Lift your hands ,palms facing your own body up to chest level. Hands should be 10 inches in front of the chest. Then gently rotate right hand 90 degrees clockwise so that left hand will be on the top of the back side of hand. This time hands will be parallel to the body and palms facing downward. In hale while doing this.
  24. Now you gently push your hands down to the groin level. Exhale while doing this.
  25. Bring your hands back to the normal position to waist level. Inhale while doing this. Join your hands, palms facing each other( touching) back to "Praying Position" and gently forward 10 inches against the stomach level. Exhale while doing this.
  26. Concentrate in this position for a few seconds with natural breathing. The time of meditation and concentration could extend depending upon the time schedule of your own. At the end of each bodhi-lu exercise you must say "Bodhi - Lu".

(Note: While breathing one shall hold for few seconds before exhaling or inhaling to increase the effectiveness of the exercise.)

Boddhi Lu is developed by Grandmaster Saroj Joshi, Bodhi-Lu cd-roms/vcd/vhs have been shipped to more than 30 States of USA, Canada, Morocco, Nepal and other parts of world. Recently it is being practiced in South Carolina, US as well as other States and Countries.