Grounding technique for the body


The term "Grounding" may seem like it's related to electrical engineering, however grounding is temporary a lively tool to release our stresses and emotion in our daily life. Grounding is recommended to practice as needed to balance your body and mind.


  1. A large conducting body, such as the earth or an electric circuit connected to the earth, used as an arbitrary zero of potential.
  2. A conducting object, such as a wire, that is connected to such a position of zero potential, where excessive leakage current of the circuit will follow to the ground.
  3. Grounding of the equipment, electrical entrances and electrical feeder, substations, power stations will save expensive equipment as well as life.
  4. Grounding has other meaning as well, but here we are interested to know more about the grounding of the body.

    Grounding may be defined as follow in relationship with human body: It is the process to release any energy with excessive charge within the system of the body such as emotions, anger or hyper activity.

    We get charged by inflows such as digestions of food, breathing of air, sunlight impact of other material matters so we require an-out flow. In other words we need grounding.

    Grounding techniques and benefit from the grounding of the human body is becoming more popular day by day.

    Before we talk about the benefit from the grounding, lets talk about the grounding phenomena:

    Usually we become intense with energy, and stressful due to the different circumstances and causes. The surrounding environment constantly charges us. Due to all these causes we get charged and then become out of control emotionally .

    If we know the comcept of grounding,then we can use grounding as a tool to release stresses and control emotions and get balance in our minds and bodies. But how do we do it?

    There are several available tools but one of the most effective tools is meditation with breathing exercise and imagines and trained mind with the breathing techniques that you will be releasing stresses. Feel it. Inhale long breaths and holds for a while meditating and then gently release. Train your mind spiritually with your inner feeling that you can do it. You are feeling well and you have positive thinking and you never give-up. Pray in what you believe and ask for positive energy from the nature and at the same time release extra-charged energy as defined above, which I called negative energy.

    It is the great tool and remedy for emotional problems and stress.

    Now imagine that someone has a clear concept of the grounding as stated above and is looking for a simple breathing technique and breathing exercise. Tai-chi is a great way but people need patients and devotion because it has many steps, at the same time Yoga is another great way but requires much time and training.

    In that case, I recommend breathing exercise within 3 minutes, which I have developed from studying Taichi, and other breathing exercise of martial arts, it is called Bodhi-Lu. This exercise will take less than 3 minutes and design for fast track life. See below complete breathing exercise. It is also available in VCD/DVD or CD-Rom, which can be order from this site


    Click here for the  text version of the breathing exercise "Bodhi-Lu" as mentioned above.