Kung Chi Do - Shodan

Start with blocks from dragon kung fu using three steps. Move blocks around the body counter-clockwise, but never go beyond the shoulder area. Position dragon-claw facing the opponent.

The 4th step will be a double dragon-claw block with extended hands being in front stance with left leg. In this position, with extended dragon-claw, quickly attack the top of the head. Next turn claw clockwise and attack the right cheek; then turn claw counter-clockwise and attack the left cheek.

The 6th step slides ahead in the same position with extended hands in an open dragon claw formation. In this position the right dragon claw is parallel to the right leg and will be at the groin level of the opponent standing to the rear. The left open, dragon claw needs to be parallel to the left leg and will be attacking the face of the opponent, at the front, with dragon claw plucking. Finally, with hands being in the same position, clutch and make a fist.

The 7th step moves ahead with left leg into a cat stance

The 8th and 9th stances include quick cat-like walks followed by a right-footed, flying side kick. The landing will be opposite 180 degrees maintaining a back stance.

The next 5 movements will be forward steps in the back stance positions. The 15th step will be an attack and including a transition to a front stance with an open sword hand extending forward with the tips of fingers. Completion of this last movement will bring you to the same spot from where you originated at the beginning of the form.

Step 16 will be a transition to the horse stance pivoting the right leg inside, then while in this position use a double, two-handed open block like ushi uke.

In the 17th step move feet together and exhale. Drop your hands and push down slowly to the waist with palms facing downwards.

In step 18 look to the left and then stay in front stance with your left leg. Your left hand shall be at groin level with palm facing the opponent and the right hand will be stomach level while pushing and exhaling.

Step 19 repeats step 18 except performing the movements switching the hands and legs.

For 20th step maintain same position. Implement double open hand blocks like ushi uke and then turn your hands to 180 degree. Turn the hands only, not the shoulders.

For step 21you are ready for the Spinning Crescent Kick; first left using the circular motion and the kick will continue from the right and then land.

Step 22 the landing will be in the front stance. While holding that stance, quickly turn your head and look back and prepare for a back kick; pivoting both right and left feets -90 degrees. Now your feet are parallel and left hand parallel to the left leg, right hand wrist will be 90 degree parallel to the your body.

In the 23rd movement kick back with the left leg and transition to the front stance and then do first reverse punch being in same front stance with left legs ahead.

Step 24 continues reverse punch when stepping forward with left leg.

Step 25 continues reverse punch when stepping forward with right leg.

Step 26 continues reverse punch when stepping forward with left leg.

Step 27 continues reverse punch when stepping forward with right leg.

In step 28 step forward and slide into a forward back stance.

Step 29 quickly turns 180 degrees with same back stance.

The 30th steps forward with front back stance.

In step 31 bring right foot back into starting position.

By this time you will be in the same spot that the form started.

Kung Chi Do – Nidan


1st Position: Open with Eagle kung fu. Position hands down, at the level of stomach, with palms facing upwards. Rotate right hand in a clockwise direction while simultaneously rotating left-hand counter clockwise. Both right and left hands shall rotate around the body. Repeat motion three times.

2nd position: Step forward into left, front stance. Using both hands with palms facing opponent, push the opponent all the way.

3rd position: Following the push, from the 2nd position, lower extended palms to the ground. In this lowered position, strike the opponent's leg by sweeping your right leg implementing a spinning kick. Do this in a clockwise direction. Target: Attack the lowest level of opponent's legs.

4th position: Complete 3rd position, in a backward stance, with right hand semi-sword block and left hand is to remain at the stomach level.

5th position: With the front leg and upper part of right foot perform a jumping kick. Use opposite side of sole. Target: Opponent’s chin.

6th position: Land in a front stance, followed by a right punch and a left punch.

7th position: Following, the 6th position, bring right foot back into a cat stance and then switch into a left leg cat stance.

8th position: Begin Tai chi, four corner maneuver, by pushing your hands at the head level; palms facing opponent and step into left front stance at 45degree's.

9th position: Quickly turn 270 degree's clock-wise, switch the leg, be in front stance with right leg and repeat the same hand movements in position 8.

10th position: Bring the right foot back and step into left front stance at the 3rd corner in a 45 degree angle. Continue maneuver with hand pushes performed previously.

11th position: Pivot left leg 270 degrees, to final 4th corner, into right front stance and push with palms as before. You have completed Tai chi's four-corner maneuver.

12th position: From right front stance bring right foot back into a cat stance. Pretend that you have a bird in your right hand and pet it's tail with your left hand. This motion extends both your right and left hand all the way forward completed in a front stance.

13th position: Gently turn your right foot (right foot pivot) 45 degrees. Step forward into front stance with your left leg. This time assume bird is on your left palm and your right hand will pet the bird's tail. As in the 12th position extend your hands all the way.

14th position: Repeat 12th position in its entirety.

15th position: From the front stance slide front leg a little bit forward, turn head 180 degrees and perform a tense Kumai position, facing the starting point of the kata. A tension Kumai position is explained as follows:

In a parallel stance your right leg will be a little bent, your right-fisted hand and wrist will be parallel to your body with the fist facing the back of your head at a 90 degree angle. Your left-fisted hand will be parallel to the left leg. Your left leg will be completely straight and left fist will be facing the ground. Your left fist will be approximately 6 inches from your left leg.

16th position: Raise your right leg, turn it 180 degrees and use it to block an opponent's potential front kick. Then use a downward block in the horse stance. Gently raise your right hand and strike with your back fist. Open the fist and exhale; prepare for the up-coming kicks.

17th position: Now, from the horse stance, you are ready to do a left leg crescent kick followed by a right leg spinning kick

18th position: Land in the front stance with front leg facing forward. Follow with a quick right-handed punch and a left-handed punch.

19th position: Pivot right foot and turn counter clock-wise 270 degrees. You are now in a back stance performing a left-handed half sword open block.

20th position: Next, attack with a right leg, front kick and land in a right front stance. Quickly follow with right and left punches.

21st position: Bring your right foot back into a cat stance and then turn 135 degrees. This will bring you back to the horizontal line. Continue blocking with your right hand, semi-sword open and be in the back stance. The left hand will be at the stomach level with palm facing upward.

22nd position: Attack with a left front kick and land into front stance with your left leg. Quickly follow with a left and right hand punch.

23rd position: Finally bring your left leg back to your other foot and close the kata. In closing the kata it is necessary to be in the same spot that the kata opened.

The End