The key to Sparring


Sparring is not an easy task, it's one of the end results you will be looking forward to achieve after hard martial arts training and devotion. I found the following errors that most beginners and even with experienced martial artist up to some extent make during sparring.
With my analysis and constant teaching, practicing and sparring, I came up with a theory you can
easily implement during Sparring.

Line of attack
1. Basic understanding of line of attack of the opponent
2. Understanding the concept fight with out fighting
3. Creativity and Instinct

1. Basic understanding of Line of attack of the opponent:

Most beginners will make a mistake right here. In figure 1, the attack will start from the right hand side. In most cases the one who is in defense will just go back. That means the opponent will get a better chance to do continuous attack, as line of attack is straightforward.
In figure 2, defender is breaking the attack deflecting it. That means the line of attack is not a straight line anymore and it will take a few seconds or less to continue the attack. Within that time frame the defender can counter attack. So this is one of the best way to break the attack.



2. Understanding the concept fight with out fighting:


In figure 3, when two people attack the one person (defender), you can clearly see the two lines of attack. In this case defender should stay away immediately from this position and strategy is to bring the 2 opponents into a single line of attack. By doing this you are eliminating one person without even fighting.Figure 4. Figure 4 will illustrate the strategy of bringing two lines of attacks into a single line of attack. By doing this you are eliminating a person who is in offensive action with out even fighting. Go to Figure 5 for a better illustration.


Now it is clear that the defender's goal has been accomplished bringing both of the opponents into one line of attack. Now the defender has eliminated an opponent without fighting and has only one line of attack of left. Now the defender can start immediate attacks and eliminate the opponents one by one. This theory works and it proves the way of fighting without fighting concept. It works but one should be well trained and understand the concept and be very skillful.


Creativity & Instinct:

It's good to know the theory of martial arts but it is not easy to implement (Sparring theory, Kungchido, it. It is in your advantage to be very creative and work with your instincts. It is also very helpful to be creative. Make sure you know what you are doing. Because some counter attack can be dangerous when you are in the wrong position and when you are not quick to get into the right position.
Remember quick actions, timing and instinct play great role. Real sparring demands more knowledge and continuous training, Refer to the philosophy of Kungchido (Kungchido a style without form) at