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A New Defense

Author Provides New Addition to Ancient Arts


SAN DIEGOIt was born from the ancient martial arts and welded together by the essential forces of the body, mind and spirit. Now, Grandmaster Saroj Joshi, Ph.D., offers an examination of Kungchido in a new manual, Kungchido: Modern Use of Chi with New Method of Self-Defense

(Volume I) (now available through AuthorHouse), that explains this new art form.

 Like Kung Fu, Taichi, Karate and Tae Kwan Do, from which it borrows elements, Kungchido is concerned with balance, energy and self-defense. Joshi shows readers how they can cultivate chi, or energy, by using breathing exercises such as BodhiLu, and explains the varied techniques of self-defense, meditation and internal energy cultivation that make up Kungchido. Through his discussion, he presents a thorough understanding of this new art and teaches readers how to access the essence of mind power through movements and breathing techniques.

Fully illustrated with detailed pictures explaining each exercise and position, the manual shows readers how to practice the basic “katas” of Kungchido. In addition, it covers self-defense — sparring and defending against a knife. Joshi’s overall purpose, however, is to help people understand Chinese medicine and how to channel their chi.

 Kungchido includes detailed stories from Joshi’s own struggles through life and presents a new practice for those determined to channel their chi.

Born and raised in Nepal, Joshi never had the money to formally train in the martial arts, so he settled for learning from books, underground martial arts schools in Nepal and the former USSR, and by begging instructors. After 33 years, he has mastered many disciplines and is a 9th-degree Black Belt. An engineering consultant working in San Diego, he has struggled throughout his life, from making his way through Russia, Ukraine, Germany and America to raising two daughters, one of which is disabled. Kungchido is his first book.  


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