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To Mr. Saroj Joshi and friends,


Id like to take this opportunity to deeply express my appreciation to Mr. Saroj and to Kungchido.  Since Ive been introduced to Kungchido, I have learned such a great deal about myself; physically, mentally and spiritually.  And this was made possible through the dedication of Mr. Saroj and his generosity.  This unique art has driven me to be more disciplined through my daily living.  In addition, my strength, stamina and health have been drastically improved.  I was able to explore things that I thought were impossible.  And I had much more confidence in myself.  I will continue to pursue the teaching of Kungchido to others and raising the level of this martial art.  Many thanks.


Phu/San Diego, CA USA

Chi Grandmaster, My Friend (Grandmaster Saroj Joshi):
It is with great pleasure and honor to thank you so much for your 
Genuine friendship and time spent. I have indeed made a new friend for 
During the weekend I had the privilege to see what a real grandmaster 
is all about (an entity that is very scares now days). 
You have impressed me and my students not only with your obvious 
mastery skills in martial arts, but your humble and kind character that 
shines through as a divine light. 
I have been involved in martial arts for 30 years and never have I have 
Such a friendly experience as when I worked with you. I thank you for 
It was a great reminder and as well as a restore of beliefs that 
Martial artists can be real quality people. I have had so many bad 
Experiences in the past. 
My family, students and my self thanks you from our hearts for you 
Precious gifts, your kindness and leaving your chi energy along with 
Yours positive electricity and love as a human being with us. Your 
presence during your visit has been a blessing to our organization. 
We will get together and share real chi together again. I am sure of 
That. It was in deed our privilege.
Your friend,

Richard Buchan, President

Kosho Ryu International Canada

9th Degree Black Belt

October 10th, 2004