Kungchido - a style without form

It is hard to implement in practice, what you have learned in any martial arts school.

That is one of the reasons, why people get frustrated during their practices, training and teaching. This is the same reason audiences get frustrated. They want to see the real art and great fights, which will reflect the real meaning of the martial arts.

Japanese carefully managed and were able to come up with a system called Kumite, which provides some concept of fighting with proper techniques. Credit also goes to late Gichini Funakoshi, who put Karate-Do together. However, I think it still lagged Philosophical and Spiritual explanation to achieve the highest level of arts.

Bruce Lee tried to explain about the sparring with the help of Zen Philosophy. He gave a great opening in fighting with the true martial arts spirit. It was explained in his book called "Tao of Jeet Kunedo". He tried to explain through his experiences and with the help of Zen philosophy. Bruce Lee found it hard to show the true scientific method because of his constant devotion to his movies and a constant struggle with his own concept, as it changed all the time.

We know that before Gichin Funakoshi and Bruce, many great martial artists definitely had tried to explain these concepts.

To know the real meaning of style without form concept is a great challenge. In many cases people are very particular with their techniques. Many of them tried to prove one school was better than another. It is still happening today, which is absolutely wrong.

In the modern world, Bruce came up with great idea that Martial Artist must not be particular in their techniques and styles. He did encourage all of us to learn everything we can. And master at least a few techniques to fight and win. The Concept is grand. Similar concepts had been developed in Tanaka Martial Arts research institute in Japan. One thing is missing is that one shall learn the basic and have a solid foundation of martial arts with correct technique. It may be any style or multiple styles.

With my 30 years of practice and teaching, I have come to the point that above referenced concept can be achieved with the help of hard work, training and strong background of philosophy, especially with Zen concept. The scientific explanation of essence of philosophy is given below.

I have picked the Karate-Do as a basic foundation, Kung Fu for more hand techniques and Tai Chi for the gentle flow and breathing techniques. It can be vice versa or any forms as I have defined, which I am calling Kungchido with unique techniques and concept.

I have combined all the above-mentioned styles and come up with new original techniques giving simultaneous soft and hard way of training in a single combination.

I called them Kungchido katas. So far, I have developed three advance Katas of Kungchido.

For effective breathing techniques and spiritual development, I have created Bodhi-Lu exercises with great historical and spiritual linking both the place and great founders of Martial Arts. I have created Bodhi-Lu1 and Bodhi-Lu2.

Once a student will learn the basic of Kungchido and advance katas including Bodhi-lu1, 2, they will learn one more thing. That is Kungchido a style without form. It can be defined as follows:

No style will limit your knowledge, vision and your concept. When you will be in sparring or combat you will be in zero sequence alerting all your senses and intuitions, intellect, physical and mental strength. It dictates no form giving extraordinary performance of martial arts. Winning the opponent before the sparring. No fear, worry will be experienced. Your reflexes and movement will be just natural. Your sparring, tactical combat, your power punches, kicks, blocks, defense and attack will be in the highest level you have developed.

It can also be interpreted in scientific words, which I called perfect zero sequence of mind and body as in zero sequence of sinusoidal wave of Current and Voltage of alternative current. An arc can be killed even before the electricity will produce the arc. Because of perfect synchronization of voltage and current at that point Current and Voltage will be zero. This is what I called perfect combination of mind and body shall be, which will make you a winner even before the combat.

Author is grateful to Sherry Birchfield for editing this article. Sherry Birchfield is resident of Escondido, California and dedicated student of Kungchido holding Brown Belt.

Kungchido is growing fast. Recently Kungchido site own two international awards for the Kungchido doctrine. Kungchido is teaching for free in San Diego, CA. CD-ROM of Kungchido has been created and had shipped to many states of USA including UK, Canada, Ukraine, Morocco and Nepal.