Goal of Kungchido and Access to Charity:

Updated: 02-20-2005

I myself run from one place to another and from one instructor to another to learn martial arts. I went through several difficulties and problems to leran martial arts. But I never gave-up about my desire to learn martial arts in any circumstances.

Today I have created Kungchido a new way to martial arts to help everyone as I can. I do not want to have same problems with the martial arts lover. My goal is to help all the people who want to learn Kungchido both locally and in the world for free of cost if I can. So I have put free on line video clips and materials in our site as much as we can.

Video CD/DVD are selling in eBay  as cheap as we can. Books are selling in different on line stores and our site.

So far all the expense is covering by myself. It is not easy but still I can sustain. However this time I am grateful to get one great advise from my friend and who told me that give the access in my site to others, so that someone can donate something and help as they want as you have great motive and goal. I really realize and appreciate his great comments and so i decide to ask help from all of you. Let us help others together so that everyone can learn and benefit from Kungchido. This is how this page is launched in this site.


What we are doing:

Our donation box:

Please feel free to contact us how you want to help us and want to see your charity to others teaching Kungchido around the world.


We accept paypal! Click here for http://www.paypal.com and You can donate via paypal to us at this at this email saroj@kathmandu.org with your instructions.

FYI: we will be updating regarding charity and money spent and list of people who is benefiting from it. It will be transparent and you will have full control of your charity!

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Saroj Joshi/San Diego, CA